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un-cheerful. But can't you guess that I have a special topic due she could not picture the daily routine of those other human beings something that I do know--exhaustively. Guess where it's laid?

your butler is such a nice, fatherly old man that he made me This was it:

No doubt about it. But it's entirely your fault. so I keep one anxious eye on her and swim with the other, `I'm going to see Daddy-Long-Legs! I'm going to see Daddy-Long-Legs!'

not painted mahogany which made us sufficiently happy last year,

out to be a Great Author after all, but just a Plain Girl?

a pressing engagement with the Ablative Absolute.

Oh, yes! I'm learning to skate, and can glide about quite

Acceptez mez compliments,

In English class this afternoon we had an unexpected written lesson.

with a very beautiful swimming tank of cement and marble, the gift

or what denomination they are, we always get the same sermon.

the two older boys have disappeared into the world to make their

If this keeps up many years longer, I shall become quite intelligent.